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Livy's Lavish Selfwash & Grooming

The 1st and only complete Selfwash & Grooming in Durham NC!

Who is "Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming" ?

We are the 1st and only complete selfwash & grooming in Durham NC! We are a small business that is locally owned and operated.

What do we do ?

Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming is the place to come and wash your pet on your own without all of the mess. We provide you almost anything you can think of to get the job done. We even clean up the mess afterwards!    ​

How does the Selfwash work ?

No appointment needed!  Walk-in and we will get a tub ready for you. Take as much time as you need to get your pet smelling great. We will provide the shampoo, conditioner, towels and dryer all for the base price! Don't forget, leave the mess for us! 

Where are we located ?

We are are located in the Homestead Market Shopping Center, Suite 255, right off of HWY 54.

3 minutes from Southpoint Mall and about 10 minutes from anywhere off of I-40 exit 276.

Are you looking for us to do the work for you? 

That is an option too! We offer Full Services Grooming, "Bath & Brush", as well as a "We Wash" Service. Just click below to book!

Our Services

full service grooming Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming

Full Service Grooming

Our Grooming service is top notch. Base price includes cuts for a contoured trim (one length all over with the exception of head and tail). The base price also includes 15 min of coat preparation, skin and coat specific shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning.

Starting at $60

selfwash Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming


We provide all the items you need to do the wash yourself. No appointment is needed, just come right in and give your pup a wash. A basic selfwash includes; shampoo, conditioner, cologne, ear cleaner, towels and use of the dryer. $25.

bath & brush Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming

Bath & Brush

Our Bath&Brush services is everything you would get in a Full Service Groom without the haircut. Included in this will be; a professional bath and brush-out. Also provided with this service; 15 min of coat preparation, skin and coat specific shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning.

Starting at $52

walk-in Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming

Walk-in Services

Need a quick nail grinding done or a face trim? Come in during walk-in hours for these small services. There is no need to purchase anything additional. Feel free to add these to any selfwash package as well.

Nail Grinding - $20

Anal Gland Expression - $18

Teeth Brushing - $15

Face Trim - $20

Feet Trim - $15

Sanitary Trim - $15

Ear Plucking - $15

Ear Cleaning - $9

Our Story Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming

Welcome to Livy's Lavish Selfwash & Grooming

Mission Statement

The mission of "Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming" is to aid in the bonding process between an owner and their faithful companion via a personalized self-washing experience.​

Our goal is to provide you a great way to bond with your pet, without the stress of having to clean up after them. We allow you the opportunity to visit, have fun, and grow closer without having to clean the mirror and walls, or get tangled in the water hose!​

Our Story​

We first found a need for this business based on a place that we could wash our pets. This place had to be easy to clean and it must provide a personalized experience for our pets. Before this business was put into motion, the home bathroom was the primary location!


Of course with the bathroom location, we ran into a few learning experiences:

  • Humans used the area as well

  • Pets would often jump in and out

  • Clean up was a bit of a hassle

  • The size of our pet was getting difficult to lift in and out of the tub

Thus, "Livy’s Lavish Self Wash & Grooming" was born! Our passion has always been pets and always will be.

Opening Hours

Tue - Sat: 11am - 6pm Sun - Mon: Closed


We are located in the Homestead Market Shopping Center. We are next to Bean Traders.

105 W NC-54​

Suite 255

Durham, NC 27713

For questions about our services OR to book a grooming appointment, please contact us at the email address below.


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